01. There was a serious traffic accident on the highway this morning involving at least four [vehicles], including a school bus.
02. Maybe some day, people will be able to ride space [vehicles] to the moon for a holiday.
03. All [vehicular] traffic has been prohibited from the highway due to the risk of a major avalanche.
04. She should not be allowed to use her position on the school board as a [vehicle] for the promotion of her religious beliefs.
05. My brother was able to move the entire contents of his apartment using only man-powered [vehicles].
06. No motorized [vehicles] are allowed on the trails in the park.
07. Sports Utility [Vehicles] are becoming increasingly more common on North America's roads.
08. Stephen Brennan once noted that our goals can only be reached through a [vehicle] of a plan.
09. The Buddha once said, "Your body is precious. It is our [vehicle] for awakening. Treat it with care."
10. Because of heavy traffic congestion, Julius Caesar banned all wheeled [vehicles] from Rome during daylight hours.
11. About 15,000 [vehicles] were involved in Japan's largest traffic jam in history.
12. A space [vehicle] must move at a rate of at least 15 miles per second to escape Earth's gravitational pull.
13. Teachers act as the major [vehicle] for transmitting the school curriculum and associated values to children.
14. Every 90 minutes in the United States, a train crashes into a passenger [vehicle], despite the warning systems.
15. The first year that the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco was open, it carried 3.5 million [vehicles]; today, the annual totals average close to 40 million.
16. The U.S. death rate in car accidents is presently about 1.9 deaths per 10,000 [vehicles].
17. Women are not permitted to drive [vehicles] in some Muslim nations.
18. Forty percent of all the oil consumed in the United States is used to power passenger [vehicles].
19. Bicycles are the most popular [vehicle] on the planet, with over a billion riders worldwide.
20. Wind tunnels simulate the conditions a [vehicle] will encounter when it moves through the air.
21. You may be ordered to pay a fine, or your [vehicle] may be towed if you park illegally.
22. Someone once joked that a bus is a [vehicle] that runs twice as fast when you are after it as when you are in it.
23. So many [vehicles] are manufactured in Detroit that the city has been nicknamed the Motor City.
24. According to Tibetan tradition, the teachings of the Buddha are divided into three distinct [vehicles].
25. Some scientists suggest that the entire enterprise of life can be viewed as simply a [vehicle] for the transformation of water.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.

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